GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) Diet Program



Gut and Psychology Syndrome
Suitable for:

  • Autoimmune disease
  • Poor digestion
  • Brain Fog
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Celiac disease
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Ulcerative colitis
  • Asperger’s
  • Autism spectrum
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Food allergies
  • and many more issues.


GAPS Online Classes
Sessions 1-12

  • Introduction to GAPS
  • Gut and Psychology Syndrome
  • Gut and Physiology Syndrome
  • GAPS Nutritional Protocol
  • The Full GAPS Diet
  • Stages of the GAPS Diet
  • Nutritional Supplements for GAPS
  • GAPS Detoxification
  • GAPS Practical Issues
  • GAPS Pregnancy
  • The Truth about Heart Disease, part I
  • The Truth about Heart Disease, part II

Liz Voosen, NTP, is a certified GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) Practitioner.

Did you know that gastrointestinal function and psychiatric and neurological disorders are linked? The food we eat and the drink we take directly affect our physical and mental health. In both children and adults, nutrition plays a critical role in creating, maintaining, and restoring health.

The GAPS Diet program provides you with the answers you need to solve your physical and mental health challenges. It provides you (and your family) a solid ground on which to rebuild your strength and well-being.


Office Visits

Please call the office to schedule an appointment with Liz to discuss your specific needs and get a personal GAPS program plan. You will:

  • go over in detail your health history and current symptoms
  • receive a functional evaluation
  • see a report which clearly and graphically shows the areas you need to target to feel better
  • have simple tests run on a few key systems in the body, while you’re in the office, with immediate results
  • work one-on-one with a Certified GAPS Practitioner to create a customized GAPS program for your bio-individual needs
  • optional: receive a 40+ page report on how to implement the GAPS diet program from start to finish.

The office number is (323) 394-0848.

Not in the Los Angeles area? Liz will meet with you over Skype or phone call.


GAPS Online Classes

Additionally, Liz offers online pre-recorded GAPS education sessions.

The GAPS  Online Class sessions will answer: What’s the connection between the gut and the brain? What do I eat? How do I get my child to eat? What products are harming me? How do I know when to move to the next stage in the program? Are there any special supplements I should take? And more!

The GAPS Online Class is ongoing. This means you can SIGN UP NOW and get all the sessions TODAY.

Registration is now open!

Call (323) 394-0848 to register and begin today.


Support sessions follow a familiar format: first you will be presented with a GAPS lesson on the topic of that session (see list of topics at the bottom of this page). Then, you will watch a GAPS cooking recipe demonstration or get additional video on a topic such as supplements (with product pictures and discussion). Finally, you will have an opportunity to ask a personal GAPS question (that you don’t mind sharing with others who have signed up) in the group forum, which is moderated by Liz.
Each GAPS class lasts  about 45 minutes on average.
No, the sessions are there to help YOU. We teach bite-sized amounts about GAPS in each lesson, and everyone goes through the program at their own pace. Some people will begin the class without being on GAPS, some will have been on it for a while.
Absolutely! You will likely especially enjoy learning the finer details of GAPS, asking personal questions, helping others along the way with your expertise (in the forum), gaining a new support system, and sharing local (and not so local) resources. Want to make sauerkraut with a new friend, or swap it for a fellow member’s delicious cortido? Find fellow GAPS people here.

You may watch sessions via phone, computer or tablet (iPad, etc.). You pick the time and place.

There are 12 . Topics are listed in the sidebar to the left. In addition, included with each lesson is a GAPS cooking demonstration (with a delicious recipe) or extra details on a GAPS-related topic. Registration is for all 12 sessions.
Yes! When you register, you will have the option of purchasing (and highly recommended if you don’t already own these) the Gut and Psychology Syndrome book by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride and the Internal Bliss GAPS cookbook. As a bonus to those purchasing the books, you will also receive a special GAPS Support Group Workbook to help you keep track of your progress, free!
You also get access to a private forum, moderated by Liz, where you can share news, ask questions, and receive support from fellow group members.
Get the discounted price of $125 when you register now. This includes all 12 sessions. After the discount period, the regular price of $175 applies. A 3-payment plan is available. The book bundle is $55 and includes free shipping.
Please call the office at 323-394-0848 to register. Visa or Mastercard accepted.


Local GAPS Diet Meetup group

Liz runs the local Los Angeles / Hollywood area GAPS Diet Meetup group. Click the link below to go to it. Joining is free! You will see notifications of upcoming local GAPS Meetup events when you join.

Hollywood/Los Angeles GAPS Meetup group (click here)