Bloating * Constipation * IBS
Autoimmune Disease * IBD * Celiac * Hashimoto's * Lupus
Weight loss * Detox
Bloating * Constipation * IBS
Autoimmune Disease * IBD * Celiac * Hashimoto's * Lupus
Weight loss * Detox

Liz Voosen, Nutritionist


Personal Nutritionist

Liz Voosen, NTP, FDN-P, CGP

Flat Belly Guide

This free guide shows you how to harness the power of herbs and foods to easily make delicious, stomach-soothing drinks.

Have you "tried it all" and your stomach is still a mess?

I get it. 

  • Have you been trying random things, maybe for years, trying to fix your stomach?  
  • Maybe you've radically changed your diet recently. 
  • Do you wonder if getting rid of sugar completely would make a difference?
  • You've come to dread food, but know you need to eat.  
  • But what if eating that food on your plate sends you back into a flare?  
  • You know you don't want to be in the hospital (again).

Hi !

I'm Liz

And I'm glad you're here. 

I've been helping clients for over 10 years - with what to eat, what to avoid, and how to merge it all into a sustainable lifestyle for lasting results.  

Over 30 years ago, I was sick and losing weight. I went to "all the doctors" and was still getting sicker. I was diagnosed with celiac disease. But going gluten-free wasn't enough to get me healthy. I had to learn all about food and nutrition to restore my health. 

Contact me to discuss how nutrition can help you feel great again.

 I'd love to hear from you!

You deserve to Feel Good

Imagine waking in the morning feeling refreshed and ready to start the day. You eat a delicious breakfast you KNOW will make you feel great and give you lots of energy to kill it at work, drop off the kids and run all the errands, or be your most creative self writing that screen play?

The right nutrition can help you do this.

  • Eliminate uncertainty over what to eat.  
  • Understand how food affects your body and how to use this to your advantage.
  • Get access to functional lab testing that goes beyond what standard lab tests measure.
  • Eat, while reducing bloating and stomach pain. 
  • Learn to trust your body and how to listen to its cues. 
  • All-in-one stop for nutrition for autoimmune disease, chronic illness, allergies, weight loss or gain, special diets, GAPS diet, and more.


Want Results Like These?

In remission for almost 2 years...eating fantastically!

I am doing great! All my my UC symptoms have been in remission for almost 2 years. AND, most importantly, I’m eating fantastically!!!

I feel SO lucky to be have been referred to you for your expertise in functional nutrition and knowledge of gut health and healing, and am SO beyond thankful in your ability to get me to eat again. What a journey!!!

I am still so amazed at how far I’ve come in my healthfulness! Thank you!!!

Anna R - therapist

I've lost 30+ lbs!

Honestly, I wish I could give Liz more than five stars. Where do I begin? She's extremely kind, knowledgeable, and has helped me establish incredible eating habits. 

As of now, I have lost 30+ lbs with her help. And that was just over the course of four-ish months?

Overall, I cannot recommend Liz and her services more highly. If you want to figure out how to diet effectively and take control of your physical/digestive health, look no further!

cameron d - tv/film Writer


Could This Be You in 3 Months?

Confident in your food choices

Imagine a cold day, wearing your coziest sweater and sitting down to a meal of warm soup fresh from the stove? You inhale the delicious aroma and know that it will fill your belly with goodness and you'll be able to comfortably go out to that one-woman show with your friend. You've been looking forward to this for weeks!

Hobbies beyond work and walking your dog

Your dog is awesome, and we know dog walking is good for us, but c'mon. It's ok to want more in life. Boost your energy so you can get back into living a life where you can do more than socialize with the poodle-next-door's owner. 

Skipping the run to the drug store

Because you don't need that medication anymore! You never thought you'd see the day, but that last bottle has been in your cabinet untouched for a while now.

Rocking those cute jeans

Because when your digestion is working well, your weight will naturally find its happy place. And we've all got that pair of jeans in the closet waiting for the right time. Why not now?


Regular, predictable bathroom habits are a goal of many. Feel free to roam far and wide, with no worries!

The Program

Your Nutritional needs

Start right away taking the Nutri-Q Nutritional Assessment. It's easy to do from your computer. (No blood tests required!) Get results at your first appointment. Re-assess every 2-3 months to see your progress!

nutrient awareness

What foods are you eating right now that might be making you feel worse? Which are good for you? How are foods best combined? And how do they affect everything from your energy to your mood?  

time for your questions

No 15 minute doctor appointments here! You'll have time to talk and ask your questions. Feel confident when you finish your first appointment that you know what to eat and what you need to do next. 

a guide just for you

There is no one-size-fits-all diet. You are unique! Every diet plan is customized to your unique sensitivities and preferences. Lifestyle needs are taken into account as well.

the right supplements

Professional-grade nutritional supplements can enhance and quicken progress, when added to a healthy diet. Find out which ones are right for you and which ones to avoid.

online appointments

Meet with Liz twice a month, from anywhere in the world, with her HIPAA-secure online portal. Get ongoing guidance, encouragement, and delicious recipes twice a month.

Change your diet

Change your life

invest in yourself

Which plan is right for you?

Ready To Do Something Good For Yourself Today?

Never underestimate what you are capable of.

At Liz Voosen Wellness, I believe in YOU 

and am here to support you in every step of your journey 

to better health through nutrition.

Client Stories

I had constant digestive problems  and muscle pain.  Today my fibromyalgia is completely gone.

I started seeing Liz a couple of years go because I had constant digestive problems, had significant muscle pain and was often exhausted -- never mind being totally anxious.

I'd been diagnosed with celiac disease (after seeing several doctors over 11 years) four years earlier and was gluten-free and dairy free but that didn't seem to be enough. Then I developed fibromyalgia. I was so depressed!

Liz put me on the GAPS diet and counseled me patiently through developing a variety of meals and foods that do really well for me.

She has me taking nutritional supplements, so that I no longer have those depressingly low vitamin levels. 

Even before my gut healed, I realized that the fibromyalgia was abating, and today it is completely gone.

My family and I are so grateful to Liz.

I have been able to resume all my activities, can plan on going on outings with my new found energy, and have developed a new body with my workouts.

What a difference! Thank you, Liz. 😍 

Margaret J
Retired facilitator and grandma

I was exhausted  from seeing doctors who didn't understand my health challenges. Within two weeks of working with Liz, my lab numbers began normalizing for the first time in a decade.

When I began working with Liz Voosen, I was exhausted from years of consulting dozens of allopathic and holistic practitioners who were unable to successfully understand my health challenges.

She listened patiently to my lengthy story and responded with compassion and gentle suggestions that I had never considered before.

Within two weeks of trying just a few of her dietary and lifestyle tips, my lab numbers began normalizing for the first time in a decade.

Liz has provided refreshing perspectives about how healing both the body and mind through food can work even for someone with extensive sensitivities.

From the start, she has been willing to tailor a plan that respects my sensitivities, and she always waits until I am ready to proceed to the next stage.

I have also enjoyed gleaning her biochemistry brilliance through explanations of how each nutrient supports each organ system. Learning nutritious and delicious recipes has been wonderful too.

As a deep listener who genuinely cares about how her clients want to look, feel, and succeed in the world, Liz demonstrates her commitment to supporting them in achieving their goals.

She has re-infused me with life, and I feel profoundly grateful for her guidance.

Robin G
Graduate student


Which plan should i pick?

Most clients pick the "Wellness Plan." Nutrition is powerful but not an overnight fix. While many clients will begin to see positive changes in 30 days (or less) of altering their diet, being patient and giving your body time to rebuild itself is important. As your health shifts, we work together to make adjustments to your dietary plan to keep you on track and getting the maximum results possible. Keeping appointment times flexible allows us to work with your body's own pace. The Wellness Plan is what I recommend for all clients with a chronic health condition or autoimmune disease.

My clients who are relatively healthy and who want to drop a few pounds, or kick off a larger weight loss, love the 8 Week Detox Plan. This plan is just 8 weeks long and all of our time will be focused on weight loss and detox. The two-time monthly fee gives you a little bit of savings over the Wellness Plan. Get more info on it here. 

If you have additional questions, please call the office (323) 394-0848 or fill out the form below and I can help you pick which plan will work best for you.

Do you work with the [paleo, aip, fill in your favorite] diet?

Liz works with many diets. More importantly, though, Liz customizes each client's diet to meet their nutritional needs.

A few of Liz's favorite diets are paleo, primal, gluten free, casein free, grain free, GAPS, AIP, SCD, low carb, keto, low FODMAPs, traditional soaked/fermented/sprouted, detox, and of course a healthy balanced diet.

Are you a certified GAPS Practitioner?

Yes! Liz is a Certified GAPS Practitioner and trained directly with Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride in 2013. She has worked with many GAPS clients in the past decade and has witnessed incredible transformations in her clients with autoimmune diseases, gut dysbiosis, and autism spectrum issues.

Do you work with kids too?

Yes, Liz works with kids of all ages, in addition to adults.

Can I get lab work done?

Yes! Both specialty lab testing and standard blood tests are available for clients of Liz Voosen Wellness. These labs are for nutritional information and educational purposes.

Please see your primary care doctor for medical concerns.

Do you take health insurance?

Liz Voosen Wellness does not accept insurance, nor do we provide superbills. Credit, debit, and (often) FSA/HSA cards are accepted.

Can I use my FSA/HSA card?

Liz Voosen Wellness accepts FSA/HSA cards. It is up to you to verify what your plan will cover. 

Can you tell me more about you?

Liz Voosen has extensive training in nutrition, and has qualified as an FNTP, FDN-P, and CGP. She also is a certified RYT200 yoga instructor (a pandemic passion project!)

Liz graduated Phi Beta Kappa with a BA from Washington University in St Louis, and her first job out of college was at the top-ranked Washington University School of Medicine, working in the new neurobiology department's research library and with their new medical journal. She has a lifelong fascination with science and medicine.

She also loves learning about the history of nutrition - everything from what our ancestors ate to sustainable, health-proven nutritional customs around the globe - and believes that sometimes Grandma knows best. 

Liz has a deeply personal interest in nutrition as well, which began when she got sick with celiac disease at age 19. This gives her great compassion and understanding for her clients with autoimmune and digestive disorders.

Liz lives in Los Angeles, CA,  with her family and their dog, Lila.

Do you offer online appointments?

Yes! Appointments are exclusively offered online using a secure, HIPAA-compliant video platform.

Clients from all over the world are able to meet with Liz this way. 

We love that this also reduces cars on the road, leading to a smaller environmental footprint, and a happier planet.

where is your office?  

Liz Voosen Wellness is in Los Angeles, California, in the Hollywood Hills West area. Since the pandemic, all appointments are online using a secure, HIPAA-compliant video platform, and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. 

Clients from all over the world are able to meet with Liz this way, and local clients don't have to contend with traffic.

We love that this also reduces cars on the road, leading to a smaller environmental footprint, and a happier planet.

I'm not in the usa. Can i make an appointment?  

Liz sees clients from all over the world! You do not have to be in the USA for a nutritional appointment.

Past clients have come from Canada, Australia, the UK, Egypt, Nigeria, Bolivia, and more.

Many US-based clients travel internationally as well. As long as you have internet or phone, your nutritional progress need not be interrupted.

Medical Conditions

Liz has over a decade of experience working with clients with medical conditions. She specializes in autoimmune diseases and digestive issues. Here are just some of the conditions she works with.


  • Celiac disease
  • Crohn's disease
  • Hashimoto's
  • IBD
  • Lupus
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Ulcerative colitis


  • Constipation / diarrhea
  • Diverticulitis
  • Food sensitivities / allergies
  • Gas / bloating / IBS
  • Heartburn / GERD / reflux
  • Indigestion
  • Low appetite
  • Nausea
  • SIBO


  • Hypoglycemic / hyperglycemic
  • Metabolic disease
  • Overweight / underweight
  • Pre-diabetes
  • Type 2 diabetes

Autism spectrum:

  • Autism 
  • Sensory processing disorder


  • Brain fog
  • Seizures

Chronic illness:

  • CFS
  • POTS
  • Long-covid







Hear from more satisfied clients


Liz has gotten me on the path to wellness!

Liz came highly recommended to me and I called her after struggling for years with a troublesome stomach condition.

She is knowledgeable, patient, thorough and most incredibly, she has gotten me on the path to wellness! I can't recommend her more highly: A+!

robin b


I had to buy new pants!

My blood sugar was high and my doctor warned me that if left unchecked it could become diabetes. Liz made it super easy for me to identify and cut out the problem foods. To my surprise, I wasn't hungry or felt like I was missing out. Now, my blood sugar is healthy, I feel better, and I lost FIFTEEN pounds. I had to buy new pants!

andy g
Product Manager

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